Here are your next steps...

Thanks for submitting the design brief! We'll have a good look through it and if we're a good match we'll send you a final quote to get your Onesie website design started and organise a time to jump on a strategy call. (yay!)

Whilst you're waiting for us, we'll also need a few things from you. Here are your next steps:

1. Send us your assets

  • Logo files and brand style guides
  • Photos, images and videos to be used on your Onesie
  • Testimonials and positive reviews along with any customers' photos.
  • Before and after photos

You can email those files directly to us, otherwise you can use a service like WeTransfer if they are large files.

2. Send us your logins

If you already have a website that we'll be replacing, we'll need your website platforms login details (this could be Wix, Squarespace, Shopify or Wordpress) and your domain name provider login details (this could be GoDaddy, Crazy Domains etc.) Please email these over to us so we can connect your new Onesie to the internet.

3. Backup your email

Please make sure you create a backup of your emails before we get started. Failure to do this may result in your emails being lost.